Craft your own herbal apothecary

Alchemic Herbals Ltd. kits come with everything you need to make natural herbal products safely at home.

Experience the healing power of FREEDOM

There can be no substitute for evidence-based, medical treatment from a licensed healthcare provider when you really need it. But do you ever get the feeling we are over-dependent on over-rated, over-the-counter, medicine? When you make your own natural, products you don't have to rely so much on a broken healthcare system.

I get it...

You prioritize living close to the earth. You value the dignity of being self-sufficient. But when your family's health is at stake, you might hesitate to dabble in botanical medicine. Sure, you know how some herbs work but how do you prepare it? What part of the plant do you use? How much? Is it safe?

You get it...

It's perfectly natural that your family might suffer the occasional common illness or minor injury. But it breaks your heart to see your loved ones go through it. It's just not right that people are dependent on store-bought remedies or over-the-counter medications to keep loved ones comfortable. It shouldn't be this hard to support your family's health naturally! Everyone should be able to make their own natural products to support and balance their health without fear. 

What if it were easier than you think?

Hi, I'm Angie. I am a Registered Nurse, Certified Holistic Nurse and an Herbalist. I created the Alchemic Herbals Ltd. subscription box so making and using homemade herbal products can become "normal" again. Supporting your day-to-day health with herbs is easier than you might imagine and often safer than trying to choose the right over-the-counter medication. 

Every month you can switch out a basic over-the-counter medication with a natural herb-based product you made yourself. Over a year, you can completely makeover your medicine cabinet. Replacing the most common, mass-produced drug store products with a whole new approach to supporting your family's health naturally using herbs. Moreover, you will have the tools and recipes to be self-sufficient in making them again and again whenever you need them.

Alchemic Herbals Ltd. Subscription Box

What is inside?

  • Herbs

    I source clinical-quality herbs and package them by weight for each kit individually. There are no bulk recipes! This way, you can be confident that your finished product is professionally formulated, accurately measured, and properly proportioned. I take the guesswork out of it so you can practice safely.

  • Printed Materials

    You get FDA compliant labels to affix to the finished product. stickers to identify projects in process. A recipe card with complete instructions for making the product. A guide with scientific, historical, and cultural information about the item and FDA compliant information about using the finished product. 

  • Ingredients & Suplies

    You get all the necessary glassware for the project (cups, vials, jars, bottles, etc. as needed) small tools (scoops, infusers, lids, cheesecloth, funnels, etc.) And the dry ingredients necessary for the project.

  • What's NOT in the box

    You will need to use standard kitchen tools (pots, bowls, strainers, etc.) and supply wet or sticky ingredients (honey, vinegar, alcohol, etc.) Anything you need to provide will be listed on your recepie card.

  • How it works

    1. Choose your subscription. monthly, quarterly, or full year. The longer the commitment, the lower the price-per-box.,

    2. Boxes ship on or around the 3rd of each month beginning the month after your first payment.

    3. Monthly subscriptions renew on the 15th of each month. Quarterly subscriptions renew on the 15th of every 3rd month. Full year subscriptions are paid in full and do not renew.

  • 3-Way Willow Bonus Box

    White willow bark was probably the first medicine human beings ever made due to the acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) precursors found in it. This kit includes everything you need to prepare 3 different willow bark products. A tea for fever and inflammation, a tincture for pain and headache, and a salve for aching joints. We still use ASA this way today. It is the active ingredient in aspirin. The 3-Way Willow box is yours free with a full year subscription. Quarterly subscribers may purchase this box as an add-on at the end of their subscription year.

Choose your subscription

Subscriptions open this fall!

Receive your monthly box and pay as you go. Renews monthly for 12 months or until you cancel.

$55.00 per month

(A year will cost $660)


Receive your monthly box and pay every 3 months. Renews quarterly for 4 quarters or until you cancel.

$150.00 per quarter

(That's $50 per box)

Full Year

Receive your monthly box for the full year program. You will also get the 3-way willow box as a bonus.

$550 for the full year

(That's only $42.00 per box!)