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Alchemic Herbals Ltd. is my gesture of faith.

Alchemic Herbals Ltd. is my gesture of faith.

Alchemic Herbals Ltd. is my gesture of faith.

Faith in myself, that can make my own food and medicine; faith in you, that you can do the same, and faith in our world and its ability to care for us when we care for it too.

No one just wakes up one day and decides to make their own food. It takes us time to grow our resources, knowledge and confidence. Most of us take it in stages. Maybe we’ll plant a garden this year. Next year we make it bigger and start canning and freezing our produce. Maybe then we get a bee hive… a chicken coop… a rabbit hutch. Soon, we are bartering and sharing our skills with others who, like us, value living simply, close to the earth.

I started Alchemic Herbals to support the self efficacy of people who believe in the dignity of making their own food and medicine. Building your own herbal apothecary, like most things, is surprisingly simple once you get started. But everyone has different needs and has different concerns. That’s where I come in. My goal is to help you find the level of herbal support that’s right for you.

If you just want to make a few classic remedies with gentle herbs but don’t really know how, try an Alchemic Herbals DIY kit. You’ll find everything you need in the box. Just add your own honey, vinegar, or alcohol, and you’re on your way. There are kits for tinctures, infusions, and syrups. What I have on offer is seasonal and changes, so check back often. I source clinical quality herbs then do the weighing and measuring for you so you can be confident that your finished product will be proportionally correct and accurately formulated. Complete directions are provided for crafting the product and for administrating it when finished. There is always an extra label in the box for you to affix to your finished product so you can always see the ingredients and directions.

My kits will be on offer at the Crestline Farmer's Market, Shelby Farmers Market, and Picker's Market in Butler, Ohio.

If you are ready to be more independent in your herb craft, Alchemic Herbals also offers herbal classes. Work with advanced techniques, fresh ingredients, and learn about the biology, botany, and chemistry that can inform your choices in how you work with herbs. The next class, “An Outlander Apothecary” will be held April 12, 2022 at Crestline Public Library. Learn about the medicine-making techniques of Colonial America, have a taste of “spring tonic” and take the recipe home with you to make more. Future classes will be held at the Galion Chamber of Commerce Conference room kitchen beginning in May.

Many people want to work with herbs but hesitate because they have specific health needs, take prescription medication, or are under other medical treatment. In such cases, it is still possible to work with herbs as part of an integrated approach to your health. I take a limited number of consults to collaborate on a custom herbal protocol to support unique needs and work synergistically with conventional medicine. I am an RN, a Health Coach, and an Herbalist. I believe you are the one who should make your health care decisions but that you deserve to do so from a place of fully informed understanding and with the support of your entire healthcare team.

I sincerely hope I can be useful to you.

Thanks for stopping by,

Angie Hilbert RN Herbalist

(reprint: originally posted 2-20-22)


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