The Herb Collector

The Herb Collector

Some things don't keep and should be enjoyed at their peak. Herbs are in this category. In my 20s I would try to save my most special tea for special occasions and rare treats. What a mistake! It seemed to make sense to me to save things for when I really needed them. I'm so glad I got over that.

In the beginning, I kept a small wallet full of tiny baggies with dried herbs. I never used them. I started it in high school and kept this little wallet with me through my early college years. I just liked the idea that I could brew up a medicinal tea if I really wanted to. I liked having the knowledge of which herbs were used for what even if I didn't have a garden or kitchen to actually work in. It was important to me as a talisman of what how wanted to see and identify myself. I was confusing what I was with what I wanted to be (a common mistake of new adults.)

I'm not sure when things began to change, but oh how they have! Now at age 51, I use herbal preparations every day and whip up a batch of something at least every weekend. I share goodies with family and friends and open my apothecary cabinet several times a day for one thing or another. I don't really even make a point of it. It's just an ordinary thing like using the milk out of the fridge. I thought it would be "cool" to be an "herb woman". Now I just am one and it seems like no big deal. Running out of Yarrow is just like running out of eggs, an annoyance. I can always get or grow more. The yarrow in my jar doesn't make me an herbalist. The empty yarrow jar does.

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(reprint: original post 4-29-19)


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