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Alchemic Herbals Ltd. Subscription Box
Limited Capacity

I have a closed subscription model to insure I do not exceed the number of people I can serve well.

Opt in for Notification

Subscriptions will open in September for 4th quarter. Let me know if you want to be notified.

Don't wait.

A limited run is necessary so not to exceed my production capacity. Don't wait. This run will fill up fast.

Basic Infusion Tutorial

Brewing a medicinal tea is a little different than sipping for pleasure. Here is a short video of the standard technique.

Basic Tincture Tutorial

A tincture is made by soaking herbs in alcohol long enough to draw out the desired properties from the plant material.

Basic Syrup Tutorial

When the plant constituents you want are in fruits or resins, a syrup can be a delightful way to prepare them!